Thank You 2022

Mind Network
2 min readJan 12


2022 has been a challenging but fruitful year for the Mind Network Team. We believe in disruptive technology innovation to drive the data revolution in the Web3 industry. At the end of 2022, we are thrilled to look back on this year and share our tremendous progress:

  • Business Development: Onboarded to Binance Incubation Camp Season 5 as the only data project (out of 900+ applicants)
  • Partnership: Established strategic partnerships with the most well-known Web3 data ecosystems (Arweave, Filecoin, Chainlink, etc.). More news will be revealed in the following months.
  • Product Development: Full speed on product development and defined roadmap for a beta launch in Q2 2023

At this special time of the year, we would like to thank everyone for all your attention and involvement. Stay in touch with us on our communication channels below. We will update you with more exciting news in the coming months.

Mind Network Team

About Mind Network

Mind Network is a Decentralized Zero Trust Data Lake that secures all your data, smart contracts, and AI on Web3. It is built on a patented zero trust framework based on Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) and Adaptive Fully Homomorphic Encryption (AFHE) to empower high-performance encryption on data storage and computation.

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Mind Network

A Decentralized Zero Trust Data Lake that secures all your data, smart contracts and AI on Web3.