Powered by ZAMA, Mind Network Brings FHE to Data Storage Rollup For Encrypted Web3

Mind Network
3 min readFeb 22, 2024


The FHE enabled data solution powered by Zama aims to empower computation over encrypted data on decentralized platforms.


Mind Network is excited to bring Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to its MindLake data storage rollup powered by Zama, the leading FHE research company. This marks a substantial step forward in a new era towards end-to-end encryption for web3.

Mind Network will utilize Zama’s advanced FHE technologies to power its own product suite, starting with its MindLake project, a pioneering data storage rollup designed to empower computation over encrypted data on decentralized platforms. Engage with us on Galxe: Mind Partnership 01 | Bring Fully Homomorphic Encryption to Web3 by Mind Network | Galxe

Zama is an open source cryptography company building state-of-the-art FHE solutions to protect privacy in blockchain and AI. They develop advanced cryptographic tools and solutions for developers. FHE enables computation on encrypted data without the need for decryption. This groundbreaking approach ensures data privacy and security, opening up new possibilities for secure data analysis, cloud computing, and beyond, without compromising user confidentiality.

MindNetwork is one of the first tokenized startups to implement FHE within Web3. It is designed as an FHE computation network and brings Zero Trust principles to on-chain data security, offering decentralized FHE computation and solutions. FHE, the so-called “Holy Grail of Cryptography”, enables computation of encrypted data without the need for decryption. This is achieved while adhering to end-to-end encryption for on-chain data to guarantee individual data ownership.

MindNetwork offers a decentralized and scalable FHE computation network. In order to kickstart demand within the market, Mind Network brings the following products to secure all data, transactions, and AI on Web3:

1) MindLake: An FHE enabled data privacy and security rollup solution for AI, DePin, and Gaming use cases on top of Arweave, IPFS, and Greenfield.

2) MindSAP: An Ethereum Foundation-granted FHE stealth address protocol which facilitates compliant and secure value transfers on notable public chains and Chainlink CCIP.

3.) MindRollup (upcoming): An FHE re-staking rollup partnering with top tier partners.

Mind Network believes that FHE is the new standard for on-chain data security and, as such, will eventually permeate all of Web3. This initial product offering is how Mind Network is helping the industry access FHE in the most readily available use cases. Many more use cases and dApp adoption will follow in the coming months. In the recently completed testnet campaign episode one, Mind Network received 40k+ active wallets in 6 weeks.

Mind Network’s achievements, including winning 1st Place in the ETH Singapore Hackathon and participation in prestigious programs like the Ethereum Fellowship Program, Binance Incubation Camp, Chainlink BUILD Program, and Consensys Scale, underscore its significant contributions to the field.

The collaboration between Zama and Mind Network heralds a new era for Web3, ensuring user data remains encrypted and private, even during processing. Powered by Zama’s technology, Mind Network aims not only to secure data against potential quantum computing threats but also open up new avenues for secure, decentralized computation, setting a new benchmark for privacy and security.

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