MindChats EP10 recap: AIOZ Network and the Vision for W3AI

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4 min readApr 15, 2024

Welcome to MindChats EP10, where we speak with groundbreaking projects shaping a more secure Web3. Amidst AI April, we’re thrilled to invite Michel Wood, VP of Global Partnership & Investment of AIOZ Network, discussing the unique landscape where AI intersects with crypto, poised to revolutionize the digital realm.

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Check out the recording of the AMA:

7:18 The Origin Story of AIOZ Networks

10:00 Unveiling Four Key Products

20:50 Empowering Users with Web3 Solutions

24:20 Revolutionizing Web3 with Federated Learning

28:20 Addressing Web2 and Web3 Storage Needs

35:25 Revolutionizing AI Development in Web3

42:15 Harnessing the Power of AIOZ: A Call to Action

49:00 Decentralizing AI and Empowering SMEs

Key Highlights of the Episode

The Origin Story of AIOZ Networks

  • Founded by Erman Gipyultra in 2017 after years of collaboration with core teams.
  • Merged with AIOZ AI to provide comprehensive AI solutions, marking a strategic shift in focus.

Unveiling Four Key Products

  • The four products: W3AI, W3S, W3IPFS, and W3 Stream are the cornerstone products of AIOZ Networks, each serving distinct functions in storage, AI computing, and streaming platforms, providing a user-centric AI experience.
  • AIOZ nodes enable over 90,000 users to contribute resources for decentralized AI computations, with plans for future advancements in Q2 of this year.
  • AIOZ Networks offers a multifaceted approach to web3, including storage, decentralized AI computations, live streaming, and video on demand, with a focus on user empowerment and global participation.
  • Empowering developers, AIOZ Networks facilitates AI business models executed locally on users’ devices, ensuring data privacy and enhancing performance for a new level of user-centric AI experiences.
  • A high-speed and secure Web3 storage solution for IPFS, offering NFT artists, video content creators, and gaming platforms a distributed storage solution with data immutability and security integrations.

Empowering Users with Web3 Solutions

  • AIOZ allows users to contribute compute power, hot storage via W3S, and cold storage through W3IPFS, with live streaming platforms already operational.
  • Planned releases include W3AI for decentralized AI services in Q2 and W3S Stream in Q3, enhancing functionality with decentralized data sheets and user-customized AI model storage.
  • Future upgrades in Q4 will introduce AI training with decentralized federated learning and support for building AI DApps, emphasizing data privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Revolutionizing Web3 with Federated Learning

  • Federated Learning is AI deployed at the edge level aka laptops and mobile phones or local networks.
  • AIOZ employs federated learning to keep sensitive data local, eliminating the need for centralized servers and ensuring user privacy.
  • AIOZ offers solutions for AI storage (W3S), decentralized AI computing (W3AI), and streaming support (W3S Stream), catering to various needs within the Web3 ecosystem.
  • AIOZ’s streaming platform provides comprehensive support for media streaming protocols, transcoding features, and incentivization mechanisms, revolutionizing the landscape for content creators and advertisers in Web3.

Addressing Web2 and Web3 Storage Needs

  • AIOZ addresses the challenge of NFT storage by providing high-speed and secure Web3 storage solutions, ensuring data availability for decentralized applications and gaming platforms.
  • Leveraging the DePIN Flywheel model, AIOZ incentivizes content providers to contribute resources, leading to an enhanced ecosystem for content delivery and AI computing.
  • As the network supply side grows, service offerings improve, resulting in increased demand and earnings for content providers, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem for decentralized content delivery over time.

Revolutionizing AI Development in Web3

  • AIOZ tackles the challenges of data aggregation, model training, and inference in Web3, bridging the gap between traditional Web2 AI development and decentralized Web3 environments.
  • AIOZ emphasizes data privacy and confidentiality through decentralized federated learning and encryption protocols, ensuring the integrity and security of user data across decentralized networks.
  • By decentralizing model building and incentivizing AI creators, AIOZ enables diverse communities to participate in a thriving marketplace for AI models and data sheets, empowering users with ownership and monetization opportunities.

Harnessing the Power of AIOZ: A Call to Action

  • Users are encouraged to visit AIOZ Network and download a node to contribute to the decentralized AI computing environment, enabling advanced AI tasks and earning potential rewards.
  • The W3S platform, offering hot and warm storage solutions, is currently live, providing users with the opportunity to start mining tokens by connecting their wallet through Metamask and contributing to the network.
  • Expectations include the emergence of AI-powered decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and the integration of AI in DeFi platforms, leading to enhanced efficiency, personalized financial services, and predictive analytics in the crypto space over the next 12 to 18 months.

Decentralizing AI and Empowering SMEs

  • AIOZ addresses the centralization in AI analytics and DeFi platforms by decentralizing AI computing, storage, and streaming.
  • AIOZ democratizes access to AI resources, making them affordable and accessible to SMEs, developers, and research centers.

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