MindChats EP06 Recap: Exploring L2 and ZK L2 Solutions with Scroll

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3 min readMar 18, 2024

Episode 6th of MindChats aired on March 14th. Hosted by Christian, the head of BD & Marketing at Mind Network, the episode gathered an audience of 5.2K eager participants to explore the intricacies of scaling solutions within the Ethereum ecosystem. As the speaker representing Scroll, Shahryar Hasnani from the partnership team joined the discussion, bringing valuable insights into the development and importance of Layer 2 solutions. The chat delved into the fascinating realm of Layer 2 (L2) solutions, particularly focusing on comparing L2 and ZK L2.

Time Stamp

Check out the recording of the AMA:https://x.com/mindnetwork_xyz/status/1768313520792146030

03:12 — Shahryar Hasnani’s Introduction

04:37 — L2’s current significance

07:03 — ZK L2’s upper hand over L2

09:30 — Scroll benchmark updates

12:40 — Benefits of Dencun upgrade

16:59 — Privacy approach status

21:44 — Exciting updates in Scroll’s ZK

24:06 — L2 layers restaking

27:40 — ZK future projects

29:03 — Technology and Library

Key Highlights of the Episode

Importance of L2 Considering Historical Presence

  • In the past, Ethereum faced challenges due to high costs on its mainnet for activities like NFT minting and trading.
  • L2s emerged as an experimental solution to expand and create a separate execution layer.
  • Over time, L2s, particularly roll-ups, have become critical to Ethereum’s scaling roadmap.
  • L2s offer a more cost-effective and efficient alternative for retail users than Ethereum’s mainnet.
  • L2s are now considered the core user product for Ethereum, offering a broader ecosystem and lower costs for various activities.

Benefits of ZK L2s Over Other L2s

  • ZK roll-ups are utilized for scaling to enhance speed and reduce costs.
  • They use mathematical safety guarantees, providing a simpler and faster execution process.
  • Unlike some other chains, ZK roll-ups focus primarily on scaling rather than privacy.
  • They offer a more efficient approach to compressing transactions and validating actions on Ethereum.

Traction and Benchmarks Updates of Scroll

  • Scroll has achieved significant Total Value Locked (TVL) figures in DeFi, surpassing other ZK L2s.
  • Recent developments include becoming the first ZK roll-up to receive an award and aiming to integrate with Compound.
  • Upcoming upgrades, like the Dencun upgrade, are expected to reduce transaction costs by up to 10x drastically.
  • The project is pioneering a multi-proof approach for enhanced fault tolerance and client diversity.

Dencun in L2

  • Dencun is a hard fork update for L2s aimed at reducing transaction gas fees by 3–5x.
  • It contributes to the narrative of roll-ups being the preferred choice for users due to their efficiency.

Privacy in ZK L2

  • While privacy features are currently limited in L2s, there’s a growing emphasis on security.
  • As a security-minded L2, Scroll prioritizes utilizing ZK for security rather than privacy.
  • However, privacy remains crucial for future developments as the industry matures.

Future Prospects for ZK L2

  • Scroll aims to expand its ecosystem through restaking mechanisms, enhancing the DeFi space, and focusing on user rights and experience.
  • Users can restake Scroll tokens to gain liquidity and yield, simplifying the process through native restaking providers.
  • Collaboration with other ZK teams is encouraged for further development and innovation in the space.

Call to Action Within a Few Weeks

  • Scroll encourages collaboration with researchers, protocol developers, and anyone building in the ZK space.
  • Stay tuned for upcoming upgrades and technological advancements, including data compression and multi-proof systems.

Future Projects

  • ZK technology offers diverse applications ranging from protocol-level implementations to hardware engineering.
  • Libraries and ZK roll-up toolkits vary based on specific team preferences and technologies, such as Aztec or Scroll.

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