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4 min readFeb 19, 2024

In the 3rd episode of Mindchat, released on February 15, Mind Network hosted a Twitter Space discussion featuring three distinguished speakers from Consensys — Emilylin, developer at the L2 ecosystem named Linea; Manish Tomar, Ecosystem team member at MetaMask; and Alex Greinacher, Head of Consensys Scale Program. The insightful conversation revolved around the significance of Layer 2 (L2) solutions, cross-chain capabilities, the Consensys Scale Program, and the innovative Snaps program.

The Time Stamp

Check out the recording of the AMA:https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BdxYrXEWRDKX?s=20

3:26 Introduction to speakers

7:49 The L2 development process in Linea

11:50 Differentiator of Linea L2 with its competitors

14:57 L2s vs ZK L2s

18:24 Linea’s role in bringing cross-chain capabilities

23:33 Consensys Scale Program working and features

28:46 Advantages for Scale Program members

33:13 A Dive into snaps functionality

44:04 Legal aspects of cross-chain capabilities

48:00 Decentralization challenges

52:40 Final thoughts

Top Highlights of the Episode

Significance of L2, with a Spotlight on Linea

  • Linea’s ability to anchor to Layer 1 (L1) provides a crucial data availability layer.
  • It enables faster and cheaper transactions.
  • There are hallmark features of L2, including its capacity to leverage Ethereum’s network effects, security, and side-chain capabilities.

Cross-chain Capabilities and Developer Empowerment

  • Consensys does not explicitly create L2 solutions with cross-chain capabilities.
  • But, it emphasizes their role in lowering barriers between different chains and fostering increased cross-activities.
  • L2’s Postman SDK, token bridge, and native messaging bridge empower developers to create user-facing solutions.

Consensys Scale Program and Community-Driven Approach

  • It acts as a startup program for developers.
  • The program offers all-access passes, technical support, account management, and ecosystem benefits, promoting collaboration with external companies, especially decentralized applications (dApps).
  • Consensys’ community-driven approach showcases its commitment to building a new internet.
  • The Consensys Scale Program provides 24/7 support.

Privacy and Security in the Cross-chain Landscape

  • There is a rising emphasis on privacy and security in the context of cross-chain access.
  • As the Consensys Scale Program onboards an increasing number of companies, including bridge protocols and gaming projects, it uses security snaps for privacy and security.

Characteristics and Advantages of Security Snaps

  • These snaps collaborate and build upon each other, indicating the evolution into layer 2.
  • Snap ecosystem allows the integration and interdependence of snaps for more advanced functionalities.
  • It represents the development of a layered approach to building security features.
  • Snaps protect against scams like phishing or wallet draining.
  • They can read user transactions and identify potentially malicious activities.
  • Some snaps provide information on the specific parts of the contract being interacted with.
  • They also identify and alert users about node fishing contracts.
  • Security snaps enable users to review transaction details before approval.

Types of Snaps Program

Multiple Security Snaps:

  • It combines various security snaps for comprehensive protection.
  • Companies offer eight or nine security snaps.
  • Snaps enhance coverage to detect and prevent a wide range of security threats.
  • Redundancy in coverage ensures protection even if one snap misses certain aspects.

Simulation Snap:

  • It simulates the outcomes of transactions in the user’s wallet.
  • The snap predicts and displays the results of a transaction before approval.
  • It helps identify potential wallet-draining attempts.
  • Users get insights into the tokens or assets received after a transaction.

Notifications or Messaging Snap:

  • It shares push notifications within the phone for real-time alerts.
  • Users can subscribe to channels for message delivery within MetaMask.
  • It enhances communication regarding potential security issues or updates.

Account Snap:

  • The snap allows users to build a snap to secure keys using different methods.
  • Users enjoy flexibility in securing account information.
  • It enables customization for enhanced security measures.

Details on Snaps installation

  • All snaps are free to install.
  • Users can install as many snaps as needed for enhanced security.
  • There is no cost associated with obtaining protection from various types of threats.
  • Snaps are composable, meaning one snap can use functionalities from other snaps.
  • They allow for modular and customizable security features.
  • Also, they enhance the overall security infrastructure by combining different snap functionalities.

Future Plans of the Snaps Program

  • Extend MetaMask in a permissionless way.
  • The launch of Snaps’ UI and the introduction of pages to streamline user interactions within the MetaMask platform.
  • Enable users to interact with other platforms without going out of the platform or switching snaps.

Regulation Challenges and Decentralization

  • It is recommended to audit snaps before listing, ensuring a secure and permissionless environment for developers.
  • Decentralization depends on the psychological impact of external factors, such as crypto prices, on consensus and community engagement.

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