Mind Network TOKEN2049:1st in ETH Singapore Hackathon

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4 min readSep 20, 2023
Check out the video: https://youtu.be/0_d_WO3xXwc

What an incredible week it has been at TOKEN2049 for Mind Network! The Web3 project Mind Network, leveraging cutting-edge encryption technologies and enhancing data security and privacy protection, made a successful appearance at TOKEN2049. Prior to the conference, Mind Network launched its first Zero Trust Data Lake product, which garnered over 13,000 developers joining within 20 days. Together with its close partners, Mind Network actively showcased itself at this Web3 conference. During the week, Mind Network won 1st in ETH Singapore Hackathon, hosted three events and participated in four others with more than 2000 audiences in total, and connected with many brilliant minds including a face-to-face chat with Vitalik. Thanks to the overwhelming Mind supporters!

Here are some highlights of what went down during TOKEN2049:

  • On September 12th, Mind Network’s Chief Security Officer, Dennis, joined the panel discussion “Arweave for Databases” and the keynote session “Exploring Mind Network: Your Path to Data Protection” at Arweave Day in Asia.
  • On September 12th, Mind Network sponsored the side event “zkDay Singapore: The Modular Edition,” hosted by Manta Network, Celestia, and SevenX Ventures. Dennis shared insights in a panel discussion about “Safety and Sovereignty on the Blockchain.”
  • On September 13th-14th, the Mind Network team was present at Booth K22, meeting with new potential partners and strengthening bonds with existing partners.
  • On September 14th, Dennis participated as a speaker in the panel discussion “The Future of ZK” at Hacker House ZK Day, hosted by zkPass.
  • To close out the conference, Mind Network and Comma 3 Ventures hosted an exclusive yacht party. We invited our close friends to join us and we had a great time!

Last week was a fantastic time for Mind Network, as we had numerous opportunities to connect with industry leaders and showcase our expertise. Now, let’s catch up on the exciting events of Mainnet 2023, Smartcon and DevConnect!

About Mind Network

Mind Network is a Zero Trust (Zero Knowledge Proofs #ZKP + Fully Homomorphic Encryption #FHE) layer aiming to bring the next billion users and trillion dollars to Web3. Mind Network offers a security and data privacy solution that achieves true CrossFi scale, complying with regulatory requirements while staying true to Web3 principles of asset tokenization and individual data ownership.

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Mind Network

Mind Network is a Zero Trust (#ZKP + #FHE) layer aiming to bring the next billion users and trillion dollars to Web3. https://linktr.ee/mindnetwork_xyz