Mind Network Monthly Recap for May 2024

Mind Network
3 min readJun 7, 2024



Hey Minders! As we look back on an awesome month of May, Mind Network is excited to share the milestones and progress we’ve achieved.

We are on the brink of even more exciting moments to come, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Let’s recap the significant developments and highlights for May:


1.) Mind Network has successfully launched the first institutional FHE interface built on top of Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol. Try it out during our Pre-Mainnet phase.

2.) Pre-Mainnet Security Review is Live: https://dapp.mindnetwork.xyz

This pre-mainnet phase is for developers and security researchers to help boost our security. Join the bug bounty and contribute to enhancing the security of Mind Network.

3.) Incentivized testnet has come to a successful end:

Active Wallets: 657K

Transactions: 3.2M+

Testnet PV: 10.5M


4.) Mind Network is among the first to partner with Zama on their AI initiative to launch a pioneering FHE AI Network. We will be having Zama founder Rand on an FHE Roundtable later in June. Keep an eye out for the announcement!

5.) We’ve engaged with leading minds across various projects, including Flock, Privasea, OORT, Nesa, KelpDAO, StakeStone, Bouncebit, Supersight, Neo, and more, enriching our perspectives and exploring potential solutions to broaden our horizons.

6.) With the addition of more partners, including 0G, Rivalz, Neuromesh, Inferium, Inferix, and others, our ecosystem continues to thrive and grow, infused with renewed vitality.


7.) We hosted our first US side event, “Austin on my MIND: FHE+AI,” during Consensus. The event was a resounding success! We were delighted to have KOL and Founder of MV Capital, Kyle Chassé as our moderator and speakers from 0G, Aethir, Allora Network, Flock, and IoTeX, who brought diverse perspectives to enriching discussions. Additionally, we’ve been actively involved in a variety of events as speakers and moderators, such as Consensus24: DePIN & AI Infra Meetup hosted by zkPass, among others.

8.) We also recently took part in the AI X Crypto Insights & Build Workshop, which was co-hosted by BeWater and ABCDE Labs. We had the opportunity to deliver a workshop focusing on FHE AI, contributing to the exploration and development of innovative solutions at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptography.

9.) In our MindChats episodes last month, we dove into cutting-edge topics:

MindChats EP13: AI Alpha: Co-Creation and Proof of Human with Flock and Privasea

MindChatsEP14: How to Build Trusted AI with OORT and Nesa

10.) Additionally, we’ve conducted two informative AMAs in Chinese:

Eco Catalyst: The Second Half of Restaking (CN)

Unveil Vitalik’s cryptographic vision: Fully Homomorphic Encryption (CN)

11.) Continuing our presence in notable events, we have been actively sharing our expertise and insights at:

AI Crypto Connect: Bridging Innovations

Chainlink BlockMagic Hackathon

Preconcensus AMA: Outlook for AI Use Case and Adoption in Blockchain

About Mind Network

Mind Network is the first FHE Restaking Layer for PoS and AI Networks. Their framework operates as an FHE validation network, bringing secure computation and consensus to Bitcoin restaking, Decentralized AI, Bridges, EigenLayer AVS, Bittensor Subnet, and many critical PoS networks. Mind Network’s solution enables verifiable decentralized computation over encrypted data.

Mind Network is backed by Binance Labs, Hashkey, Big Brain, Chainlink, and received an Ethereum Foundation Grant for their FHE research on Ethereum.

For more insights and updates on Mind Network’s innovations, visit their website and socials:

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Mind Network

An FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption) Restaking Layer for POS and AI Networks. https://linktr.ee/mindnetwork_xyz