Mind Network Monthly Recap for January 2024

Mind Network
2 min readFeb 1, 2024


Hello, Minders!

As we wrap up another productive month, let’s take a moment to reflect on the significant strides we’ve made in advancing Web3 privacy and security.

  1. Testnet Launch: A major highlight of the month was the official launch of our Testnet. This milestone marks a crucial step in our journey to offer a ‘Zero Trust Layer’ for all of crypto, securing blockchain transactions with Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). We have 330k+ active wallets that have performed stealth transfers and bridges as of this writing! Catch the live Testnet campaign now: https://galxe.com/MindNetwork/campaign/GCWPqttnFx
  2. Strong Partnerships: We are officially Chainlink Channel Partners, deepening our work with and commitment to Chainlink. We are also working with multiple top 15 (by market cap) L1's and L2's to broaden their ecosystems’ use of our Zero Trust Layer. And we are partnering with a handful of exciting new projects, some of 2024’s rising stars for sure. Partnership announcements to follow!
  3. #MindChats Series: We kicked off our #MindChats series with the first episode titled “Our Multi-chain Future!” This episode featured insights from our team and a special appearance by Chainlink’s Principle Solutions Architect, which attracted more than 20.1k attendees. The focus was on exploring Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), which uses Mind Network’s Zero Trust Layer.
  4. AMA Sessions: MindNetwork made a guest appearance on two Polygon AMAs, one discussing decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePin) and the other about how our Zero Trust Layer is essential for real world assets (RWA). We also were invited to LBanks Labs’ demo day, presenting Mind Network to hundreds of investment firms around the world.
  5. Educational Initiatives: We continued our educational outreach with #Mind101, shedding light on the intricacies of Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). Our goal is to demystify these complex concepts and bring them closer to our community. Like and share if you find them valuable!
  6. Community Engagement: Our engagement with (you) the community remains a top priority. Our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram continue to moon!

February brings more exciting developments as well as our first big conference of the year, EthDenver!

Talk soon!

About Mind Network

Mind Network is a Zero Trust Layer (Zero Knowledge Proofs #ZKP + Fully Homomorphic Encryption #FHE) aiming to bring the next billion users and trillion dollars to Web3. Mind Network offers a security and data privacy solution that achieves true CrossFi scale, complying with regulatory requirements while staying true to Web3 principles of asset tokenization and individual data ownership.

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Mind Network

Mind Network is a Zero Trust (#ZKP + #FHE) layer aiming to bring the next billion users and trillion dollars to Web3. https://linktr.ee/mindnetwork_xyz