Mind Network and Nimble Partner to Usher in a New Era of Decentralized AI

Mind Network
3 min readApr 25, 2024

Mind Network and Nimble are partnering to achieve a never-before achieved landmark in decentralized AI. Mind Network is bringing its advanced Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) solution to Nimble’s decentralized AI Protocol. This partnership will fortify Nimble’s product security and enhance its capacity to train, infer, and execute powerful AI models on commodity hardware.

FHE holds immense potential in enhancing AI security and efficiency, particularly at the modular AI aggregation layer targeted by this collaboration. Addressing the pivotal challenges of computational efficiency and data security in decentralized AI, this partnership marks a pioneering effort in the industry. Furthermore, the integration marks a significant stride forward for decentralized AI within the Mind Network ecosystem, empowering dApps on the platform to access a diverse marketplace of AI models and training data, thus unlocking novel revenue streams and applications.

How does FHE secure Nimble?

The exposure of public data on chains, accessible to anyone globally, remains a foremost concern in Web3. FHE offers a solution by encrypting data in a manner that allows third-party verification without decryption. Mind Network’s FHE technology holds the promise of securing data across Nimble’s network, revolutionizing decentralized enterprise-grade AI for applications ranging from social and gaming to DePIN, intent analysis, and marketplaces. This highly technical approach significantly benefits Nimble’s AI protocol, ensuring a safer and more dependable network.

Mind Network also provides Nimble with an FHE computation solution for Model Secret Voting. By encrypting AI data, this not only enhances security but also ensures that the final computation remains transparent before reaching its conclusion. With no possibility of preempting the outcome or engaging in foul play, this guarantees a fair environment for participation in Model Secret Voting.

“We firmly believe in a multi-chain future and recognize the inherent challenges posed by centralized AI. We are delighted to collaborate with Nimble, like-minded partners, in securing their composable model training and data processing services.” — Christian Pusateri, Co-founder of Mind Network

Looking for the future

Through this fruitful collaboration, Mind Network envisions that FHE can extend its benefits to more AI-related projects like Nimble, making substantial contributions to the AI landscape. Moreover, the aforementioned solutions represent just a glimpse of what FHE can achieve; in reality, numerous additional use cases are poised to emerge.

“Nimble is pioneering a decentralized on-chain AI ecosystem. The modular AI network offers a decentralized platform for the amalgamation and reutilization of AI models and data. This network of interconnected AI agents, data providers, and computing resources supplants centralized platforms, enabling anyone to own, operate, and train enterprise-grade AI across the decentralized network.” — Anthony Jin, Founder of Nimble

FHE stands as a stalwart supporter of AI security, and this is merely the beginning! Envision a future 3 to 5 years hence, where FHE is commonplace and widely recognized by the public. It’s a future where the adoption of this technology becomes second nature, ensuring the security of diverse information types. Let us eagerly anticipate this impending future!

About Mind Network

Mind Network is the first FHE Restaking Layer for POS and AI Networks. Our framework operates as an FHE validation network, bringing secure computation and consensus to AI, DePIN, EigenLayer AVS, Bittensor Subnet, and many critical POS networks. Mind Network’s solution has found initial product-market-fit with projects such as IO.Net, MyShell, Bittensor, AIOZ, Nimble AI, ChainLink, Connext and more adopting its solution. It has achieved 650k+ active users and 3.2M+ transactions processed on its testnet.

Mind Network is backed by Binance Labs, Hashkey, Big Brain, Chainlink, Comma3, SevenX, and received an Ethereum grant to conduct research on practical implementations for FHE technology on Ethereum.

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