Introducing Zero Trust Bridge: Reinventing Security in Web3

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4 min readOct 19, 2023


In a digital world marked by constant innovation, maintaining the security of user data has never been more crucial. Furthermore, users will require significantly heightened confidence in the safety of their funds when engaging in on-chain/cross-chain financial activities network. In response to this industry need, Mind Network is proud to announce its latest groundbreaking solution — the Zero Trust Bridge. This remarkable product is set to transform the landscape of web3, bridging the gap between traditional finance, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and public blockchains with an unprecedented focus on security.

Background: Existing Problems with Cross-Chain Bridges and TradFi Entering Web3

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has seen incredible growth over the past decade. However, this rapid expansion has brought with it a host of challenges, particularly in the realm of cross-chain bridges. Traditional bridges often lack the robust security measures required to protect user data, making them vulnerable to malicious actors. As the digital ecosystem continues to evolve, the need for reliable cross-chain protection becomes increasingly evident.

From TradFi’s perspective, their clients want access to digital assets, but current security standards are not sufficient. Mind Network is helping to craft the next generation of security standards and practices for the internet and digital assets.

What is Zero Trust Bridge?

Zero Trust Bridge (ZTB) is a cutting-edge solution designed by Mind Network that seamlessly combines the power of the Zero Trust Framework with cross-chain bridges. This innovative approach addresses the pressing need for enhanced security and privacy in web3, creating a safer environment for users, institutions, and developers alike. ZTB is built on the principles of ‘never trust, always verify’ data and upon the technology of fully homomorphic encryption and zero knowledge proofs.

What Can ZTB Do?

Zero Trust Bridge unlocks a world of possibilities when it comes to cross-chain interoperability, offering enhanced security in a range of scenarios:

  • Bank Chain to Public Chain: Securely bridge traditional finance systems to public blockchains, fostering seamless transactions while safeguarding sensitive financial data.
  • CBDC Chain to Public Chain: Facilitate the integration of central bank digital currencies into the world of public blockchains, ensuring the privacy and security of digital assets.
  • Public Chain to Public Chain: Foster secure cross-chain interactions between different public blockchains, expanding the horizons of decentralized finance (DeFi) and enabling the free flow of digital assets.

What’s the Vision of ZTB?

At Mind Network, our vision for Zero Trust Bridge is ambitious yet attainable — to bring trillions of dollars into the realm of web3. With security at its core, ZTB has the potential to unlock unprecedented opportunities for individuals, institutions, and governments worldwide.

How Does Zero Trust Bridge Work?

Zero Trust Bridge achieves its mission through three essential components: Zero Trust Data, Zero Trust Transaction, Zero Trust Asset

  • Zero Trust Data: Protecting sensitive user data, KYC information, messages, logs, risk profiles, and more, ensuring that privacy is maintained at every level.
  • Zero Trust Transaction: Employing cutting-edge Fully Homomorphic Encryption-Dual-Key Stealth Address Protocol (FHE-DKSAP) to secure transactions on-chain and cross-chain, building an impervious barrier against unauthorized access.
  • Zero Trust Asset: Safeguarding on-chain assets by preserving the integrity of tokens and transaction records, ensuring that assets remain secure and untampered with. Adding additional and mandatory security against smart contract breaches.

How Does ZTB Address the Compliance Issue?

Zero Trust Bridge is not only about security but also compliance. Through the use of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZK-Proofs), ZTB provides transparent and verifiable evidence of transactions, records, and data owned only by the user, allowing the user to generate proofs for regulatory requirements so that all interactions adhere to regulatory requirements.

Bridging Web2 to Web3

In the ever-evolving landscape of web3, the introduction of Zero Trust Bridge is a genuine game-changer. Mind Network’s commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of security and privacy issues has resulted in a product that stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With ZTB, we are ushering in a new era of trust and security, one where individuals, institutions, and governments can confidently participate in the digital economy of the future.

About Mind Network

Mind Network is a Zero Trust (Zero Knowledge Proofs #ZKP + Fully Homomorphic Encryption #FHE) layer aiming to bring the next billion users and trillion dollars to Web3. Mind Network offers a security and data privacy solution that achieves true CrossFi scale, complying with regulatory requirements while staying true to Web3 principles of asset tokenization and individual data ownership.

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Mind Network

Mind Network is a Zero Trust (#ZKP + #FHE) layer aiming to bring the next billion users and trillion dollars to Web3.